Chocolate Rocket is an avant-rock indie songwriter whose disregard for musical norms makes his work a fascinating exploration into the fusion of disparate musical elements, following in the footsteps of innovative artists like Ween and Frank Zappa…”

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“Chocolate Rocket embodies so many different styles but masterfully sounds like its own thing. The catchiness and surprises makes this a really fun listen” – Time Out

“So many great ideas, all held together by great tunes” – Weekly Post

“Where most bands stick to a sound, Chocolate Rocket does the opposite. If you’re looking for a new musical experience, then this is highly recommended. 4/5 stars” – The Herald

Fans have been kept amused and guessing, since the first album in 2000, with the range of music from Chocolate Rocket. Everything from instrumentals to songs. Cliche-free lyrics to nonsense wordplay. Epic compositions to ditties. Plus riffs, avant-gardisms, iconoclasm

Put on the headphones and have fun discovering a musical universe of its own, with continuity arcs, references and surprises. 

“Musical diversity isn’t about genre hopping – it’s doing whatever the heck you want, whenever you want, just because! I love bands and musicians like Ween, Frank Zappa and David Bowie. An album of theirs is like a collection of different bands. This is what I most like to hear and so this is how I like to write.”

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